InsMoN. An Installation Analysis Tool

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This software was developed in order to monitor an installation process or an executable process. It informs about File changes, Registry changes, Connections and also name each process started by the sample. In order to run this program download the file “InsMoN exe” and unzip it to “c:\”. The InsMoN.exe file will need to run with administrator privileges.

An icon will appear at the taskbar. When this icon is shown, right click it and select “Choose File”. At this point please wait until it opens a window from where you can choose your file. Choose your file and the analysis of the executable will start.

Run your installation properly until it is completed. When it is done, right click the InsMoN icon at the task bar and choose Finish Analysis. When this action is completed it will open a page at your browser where there will be the analysis information. For better results please use Firefox as the browser.

This software was built in Python, in order to be available for both x86, 64 bit Windows systems. In order to test and use this software please visit the following links. Standard disclaimers apply – use at your own risk! For any questions please contact at

Thanks to Tim Golden.

Download the InsMoN files here:

InsMoN exe files

InsMoN python files

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