DDoS evolved

One thing Anonymous did was to bring DDoS to the masses. And by “masses” we mean real people, not ZeuS drones. This is what makes it probably more dangerous and unpredictive than bot DDoS type of attacks. It is really difficult to construct a black list and track down human activity, as opposed to maintaining IP track records of the dangerous and sophisticated bots (see for example www.abuse.ch), which may have its challenges, but nevertheless it is an FSM at the very end.

Not surprisingly, the tools used for the attacks have a web specialization. Our businesses and life run on HTTP(s) and as such attacking web services is ever so appealing. LOIC, HOIC and Slowloris are the typical weapons, as they are extremely effective and require basic computer literacy skills (in fact all you need is to be able to switch on your computer!).


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